i changed my mind


Yep, all this no blogging, and look where catching up got me...

One of the reasons I never post is because this blog is linked to an old gmail account, and posting here makes me have to log out of the one I use for everything else. Not a huge deal, I know, but annoying. And it makes me angry every time because blogger doesn't give you the ability to change your email login once you make it a gmail one. Well, Blogger, that's what you get for being hard to work with.

the skinny skinny


So, yes, I admit I am a horrible blogger these days. Multiple times a day I log into my igoogle account to check email, google docs and my reader feed, and I am always reminded that I need to post too. But missing the traditional Christmas blog post, then the New Year's "I make a resolution to post more" blog post, and the "I went to New York again" and the "I'm so busy with school and life" and well, here we are... The wrap up post.

Here goes:

We said goodbye to Duke, who had been dealing with a degenerative spine disease. Although it was sad and the boys both cried, it's good to know he's not only with his favorite family member, but also walking around without pain now.

The boys got lots of presents for Christmas, I hung on by a thread during finals, enjoyed every minute of sleeping in during the break, and dreaded waking up early in January. Along with five other BYU students, I used my half minority side to get me into a recruiting fair, which subsequently got me an internship. Yes, I'm very excited. Yesterday I took the boys in for an eye exam. We left with the new knowledge that Mason needs glasses and Milo has to wear an eye patch for at least the next six weeks. I understand, my genes have now failed both my children.

The boys are boys. Half the time they're copying each other, fighting over the Wii, and pushing, the other half their playing together, making pictures for me, or begging me to buy them weird fruit to try. I'm feeling everything that comes with the last semester of school, added to work and cleaning the house and keeping up on laundry... I'm busy, worried about actually having to make a decision and get a job, and so glad I don't have to care about my last semester grades too much (oh the beauty of the advertising world).

Now that I've done my duty in catch-up, I'll let you know what the future holds (since I probably won't get around to blogging it later).

I graduate in April, the boys finish school in May, and my internship is June and July. I'm looking into selling my house, so hopefully after I graduate I'll be moving my stuff to some lovely area for storage. Because it's only temporary, and housing like that is harder to come by, the boys are staying in Utah with the best two sets of grandparents I could find them. (Maybe I'll talk one of them into bringing the boys out to visit me.)

Then it's hello world, please pay me money to do something I like, and please make it enough to buy weird fruit for my boys.



Mason had been telling me for weeks about the day he was going to celebrate his half birthday at school (since his birthday is during summer break). He was debating about treat options, and I kept reminding him to ask his teacher when I should come. Then the night before I was supposed to bring his treats to school he came up the stairs, straight to the fridge, and stuck this on the front:
Oh what would I do without Mason to keep me organized?

naked bathroom


"Why are the people on the bathroom signs naked? Well, the girl one has a dress on, how come the boy one doesn't have any clothes?"

-Observant Milo

Mason the AD


Yesterday Mason did his spelling homework. At some point he drew this at the bottom.

All I could think of was, oh that creative little kid. Already his mind is drifting like his mom's and he's doodling on his paper instead of doing his work. And maybe one day he'll grow up and be an art director (which, in the ad world goes hand in hand with a copywriter).

Then I realized I'm like one of those dads that wants his son to take over the family business. We could call it Rudy + Rudy (because all the cool agencies use a + instead of an &), or R+R. No, that sounds like the railroad on monopoly. eM+m. Yep, there it is.


your mom


"MY mom goes to college." -Milo (to the Barnes and Noble employee)

Light the Night


Tomorrow I'm participating in Light the Night. I can honestly say I've never walked or ran in a register, organized thing like this. Seems weird I think. I've helped out in a few, but I've never been a registered participant. So I registered. Or better said, Missie registered everyone as a team. Then she told me that anyone who raises $100 will get a t-shirt and a balloon for the walk.

Then I had an even better thought.

Although I agree that raising money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is a great cause, I connect much stronger with more personal things.

So instead of the $100 I was going to put toward the walk, I figured Clint and Amy could use it more right now. Although I've never actually met them, they are very good friends with neighbors of mine. But it's more of who they are that has drawn me to them. Clint and Amy have three boys, live in Utah County, and are currently dealing with Clint's Leukemia. More than that, Clint owned his own business before being diagnosed, they talk about their coordinator LaDee, TPN and what it's like to be bored in a hospital room all day. Amy has even given their blog the title "me and my boys" - exactly like mine!

Anyway, and more importantly, I just kind-of know what it's like to be in that position and it makes me want to help. So while I had this great plan to raise money for the society, I'd really like to just help the Jeppersons.

And if you want to see their blog, just click here. Or to help their family, click here.